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Small Body Stopcocks

Small Body Stopcocks

Product Features
  • 1-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations available
  • Color-embossed handles
  • EtO and gamma sterilization compatibility
  • Wide handle clearance
  • Lipid resistant, Non-PVC and Non-DEHP
  • Dimensional drawings available upon request
  • Modifications available to meet your specifications

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Product Specifications

Small Body Stopcocks (0.078" Fluid Path)

Reorder CodeDescriptionHandle ColorCase Qty
B1501G23-Way Stopcock w/ Male Luer SlipWhite1000
B15061LG21-Way Stopcock w/ Rotating Male Luer LockWhite1000
B1506G21-Way Stopcock w/ Male Luer SlipWhite1000
B15091LG21-Way Stopcock, Anti Shunt, w/ Rotating MLLWhite1000
B1521G24-Way Stopcock w/ Male Luer SlipWhite1000
B15311LG23-Way Stopcock w/ Rotating MLLWhite1000
B15341LG24-Way Stopcock w/ Rotating MLLWhite1000