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LogiCal® Pressure Transducer

LogiCal® Pressure Transducer
Smiths Medical pressure transducer systems provide for pressure monitoring in the catheterization lab and other areas of vital patient care. Representing over two decades of innovation and providing the accuracy and quality you require.

The LogiCal® pressure transducer system offers reusable electronic components: its transducer mounting plate incorporates an electronic pressure sensor—only the disposable cartridge and tubing set are replaced with each new patient.

Product Features:
  • LogiCal®’s Microchip technology is environmentally friendly, no electronic parts are disposable.

  • QA check provides easy, one touch quality assurance that the transducer is functioning properly

  • The built-in SURE-CAL® facility provides an integrity check of the system in seconds.

  • Disposable Pressure Cartridge with integrated trigger flush system.

  • Modular Mounting System allows flexibility for multi line monitoring kits.

  • Cable management system for reduction of cable clutter and perfect organization.

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Product Specifications


Reorder CodeDescriptionCase Qty
B1960X2SCLogiCal® Dome Cartridge with Two Stopcocks100
B1960XYLogiCal® Dome Cartridge with Male and Female Luer Locks100
MX960LogiCal® Transducer Plate5

LogiCal® Transducer Mounting Plate, Clamps and Brackets

Reorder CodeDescriptionCase Qty
MX260P1LogiCal® Clamp for One Transducer Mounting Plate1
MX260PMLogiCal® Patient Mount for One Transducer Mounting Plate50
MX261LogiCal® Clamp for Transducer Bracket1
MX262LogiCal® Bracket for Two Transducer Plates1
MX263LogiCal® Bracket for Three Mounting Transducer Plates1
MX264P1LogiCal® Bracket for Four Mounting Transducer Plates1